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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono

A futurist’s vision, Fortis Orbis Atelier escapes from traditional with bold architectural wear for the modern day. Always cruelty-free, meet anti-fashion that never compromises on radical style.

Articulating avant-garde custom work through a post-apocalyptic lens, Aquino engineers each custom piece to convey deliberate individuality, mastering devotion to precision through unparalleled detailing that embodies their creator’s minimalism and brutalist precision.

Channeling a spirit that defies stereotypes and standards, the self-taught designer approaches their work as art, the intentionality of the brand a conscious aesthetic. Building every creation from a sharp palette that evokes depth and contrast, Aquino challenges the imagination with a fresh take on freedom void of conventionality and open to interpretation.

A message of expression, Fortis Orbis Atelier is a cutting-edge statement of rebellion, hand craft and ethically sourced in Los Angeles, CA. Born from the industrial studio of Aquino, innovation is infinite in the universe of Fortis Orbis Atelier, eternity in the making.


Welcome to an investigation of the new frontier, explore the process and creation.

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